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Zeynep & Urun Cakirca


Total Area: 75m2



In this project, I’ve designed a vegetarian restaurant/café in Kaş; a small urban settlement in the southern coast of Turkey, by the Mediterranean. Being a local of Kaş , I aimed to reflect my atmospheric context of Kaş to the project. Moreover, the idea of contributing to the spirit of my hometown, made me very much excited about this project. The clients, Zeynep & Urun are a young couple, who were white collar workers in Istanbul. Zeynep decided to be a cook a couple of years ago, quit her job and completed a culinary academy. Their dream of opening a small restaurant/café in Kaş has became true, when Urun finally decided to quit his job as well. They moved to Kas at the beginning of 2016. And for me, it was a great pleasure to take part in their this dream with this project.

The current space, where Oburus Moburus resides now, is used to be a tiny shop in Kaş. During the design, I was inspired by the specific characteristics and atmosphere of the town. I’ve re-interpreted local and traditional design elements with a contemporary and sustainable design approach. Interior space is designed as a transitional space, which connects street and back courtyard. To support this idea, wall and ceiling treatments were applied with references to local landscape elements of Kaş.The limited outdoor (exterior) space is integrated with the indoor space with a harmony, in order to let more users enjoy the mediterranean breeze of Kaş. A folding glass system is used on backyard wall to smooth-out the transition between of interior-exterior spaces.

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