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The clinic is located at the historical urban center of Sisli, Istanbul in a building dated back to 1940s. The dental clinic was established at its current place in 1970s. In 2013 the senior dentist decided to retire and hand it over to his younger coworker. The client, dentist Ferhan Yalcin, who is the current owner of the clinic asked for a functional space that answers the contemporary needs but also want to preserve the historical spirit and dignify his former colleague’s memories associated with the space. Interventions to the space were designed by taking these needs into consideration. Dry walls, which were dividing the place were removed, plasters were removed to renew where necessary. During this process, on the south wall, a brick wall with fine workmanship has appeared. This wall is preserved as a "exposed brick wall" and used as an interior atmosphere element. Original furnitures are kept with basic repairs; new furnitures, materials and fixtures were selected in harmony with the soul of the space.




Client: Ferhan Yalcın

Total Area: 60m2 (645ft2)



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