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Each year the population of Istanbul increases by about 2%. These new comers often build illegal structures to accommodate their own housing needs, which causes unplanned urban structures. This has become a major problem for city’s planning. It is architect’s duty to foreseen the damages that such unplanned urbanization will cause in the future of Istanbul. When the project site was first seen, it was observed as a perfect medium to demonstrate disapproval of the above situation.  Therefore, the concept was decided as to protest chaotic architectural orders, unplanned urbanism including some high rise buildings and legalized illegal housings of Istanbul, which are destroying historical heritage. With the questions of how many pieces of the bridge could be used and whether the site would remain the same, many possibilities were investigated. In the end, a concept project was proposed, in which all segments formed an urban complex, relatively low in height and chaotic in shape. Based on the functional uses within this complex, all pieces of the bridge were kept and an effective way to arrange was found. A new site for the construction was also found, a few kilometers away from the current location. The reason for this relocation proposal was that the new site would give a perfect frame for the structure. The project was developed by four international students during a fifteen day workshop done in Istanbul Technical University in 2007.




Group Project  I  Project Team:

Prof. Dr. H. Sener I Inst. T. Pluss  I RA B. Numan I  B. Kasli (Kose)  I  N. Varley  I  L, You  I  B. Calderali I  V. Manjgaladze

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